One of the Finest Church in Norway

As promised, here's a blog post dedicated to Ms Balut of BalutManila.

Skien Church is the main church located in Skien, Telemark county in Norway.

Designed by architect Martin Hagbarth Schytte-Berg.

It is made of glazed red bricks. 

Marble and granite were also used.

  It is a cruciform church built in Neo-Gothic style. 

 Inspiration was taken from the German architects John Vollmer and John Otzens.

The church is 47 meters wide with a twin tower 68 meters high, while the interior is 17 meters high. 

The church was repeatedly lost in a fire but was reconstructed in April 8, 1892 by a norwegian builder Lorentz Christian Wagle.

* All photos are personally taken by yours truly.
* Text are excerpted from Google and Wikipedia.


  1. parang hindi sya church parang castle ehehehe. nice to see you posting again.

  2. Nice to know about this church Gracie. Jeg savner deg i bloggverden:)

  3. It's beautiful indeed, I wonder how it looks like from the inside.

  4. It kinda look like Gothic style. Wish i did more reading about art in the norther parts of Europe.

  5. I miss your posts MarG! Bongga ng church ha, parang sarap pakasal dyan! :)


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