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One of the Finest Church in Norway

As promised, here's a blog post dedicated to Ms Balut of BalutManila.
Skien Church is the main church located in Skien, Telemark county in Norway.

Designed by architect Martin Hagbarth Schytte-Berg.

It is made of glazed red bricks. 

Marble and granite were also used.

  It is a cruciform church built in Neo-Gothic style. 

 Inspiration was taken from the German architects John Vollmer and John Otzens.

The church is 47 meters wide with a twin tower 68 meters high, while the interior is 17 meters high. 

The church was repeatedly lost in a fire but was reconstructed in April 8, 1892 by a norwegian builder Lorentz Christian Wagle.
* All photos are personally taken by yours truly.
* Text are excerpted from Google and Wikipedia.