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Dear God,
I tried to deny the fact that grandpa is already gone and is with you now. I thought someday soon when I come back home he will be excited, there waiting for me at the door with his arms wide open welcoming me wearing a sweet smile.
Just like what happened two years ago...
I never thought that time would be the last time... We talked, we listened and we laughed... We reminisced and we shared the good old stories together...
I told him, that was one of the best moments of my life. Glad I did.
I think I was one of his lucky grandchildren because I was able to witness how caring and protective grandpa he was. I never saw him got angry, I swear! What always reminds me were those smiles and his big, big heart.
At the age of 5, great memories started with him as far as I can remember... but the space won't be enough to enumerate it all. Those times are stored in my brain and printed in my heart anyway. Grandpa and our good times together will be treasured and cherished forever…