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It's a very tough time for me now, I have my mom who's in hospital suffering from pain both in her kidneys and then my husband who after his knee operation, was sent here at home. Hearing their voices uttering with so much pain and agony really kills inside me.... They say, I need not to worry, it's easy to say because they don't feel the pain, they don't hear their sighs and ohs caused by so much pain. I feel their pain too because both of them are my family, I'm connected with both of them no matter the distance, so automatically no matter how serious their sickness or not, I'll worry. God heal them... I love them so dearly!

Thanks kuya Jay of Jay's Journey for this inspirational song.. perfect! Thank you guys for the messages and well wishes for my mom and husband, I appreciate it a lot that you will include them in your prayers. Thank you so much! God bless you.


  1. God is a GREAT GOD.
    He is a GOD who never disappoint
    He is a GOD who will pursue us even to the ends of the earth
    He is A GOD who will never be tired of caring for us.
    Because He is our God and we are HIS children.

    Just treat your circumstances as a way of God asking much attention from YOU.

    KEEP THE FAITH. God bless you and I will pray for them both.

    1. I will kuya Jay, this song uplifts my soul. Now I can sleep with a light heart and with full of hope.. I appreciate this much. I intended to post it on my Music Moods edition so I could play and hear it over and over again :) Wonderful song.

  2. awww. Ill pray for your mom and your husband ate Gracie!

    I know the song. Perfect. God bless po ate Gracie! :*

    Thank you po ulit, despite of the challenges you are facing right now e naisama nyo pa rin po ako sa prayers nyo. Thank you po.

  3. God bless... be strong for both of them. My prayers...

  4. Tama God is Great...
    God bless you and your heart.
    I'll pray for God's protection and healing sa mom nyo at sa hubby nyo po :)

  5. ang sarap pakinggan ng mga songs na yan!
    nakakauplift ng spirit!
    hold on to our faith gracie because sincerest prayers do changes everything

  6. I do know the feeling when a loved one is sick. Somehow you feel their pain too. So I pray for the speedy recovery of your husband and mom.

  7. I layk dis... Idaan nalang sa kanta. Pag nalulungkot ako kumakanta talaga ako. Damang dama ko sistah. be strong. Dyan lang si Lord at nandito lang kami. Alam mo yan :)

  8. sana maging ok ang lahat.... hirap talaga pag may sakit sa pamilya.... pray lang po tayo lagi....



  9. In life, we will always have troubles and pain and will get hurt. But God will help us go through with everything. Ako ganyan din, pag maysakit at naghihirap mga mahal ko sa buhay, ramdam ko din ang sakit at hirap nila. Pero, I pray and put their lives unto God because their lives is in His hands.
    Hope and pray that they get better. Take care of yourself gracie. Put your burdens to God.

  10. ms. gracie i'll pray also for them .... kaya po yan !!!!!!! kaya yan! okay? andyan nmn si God at kami!

  11. Sorry to hear this sis, may awa ang diyos. My prayers for your loveones fast recovery. Be strong always.

  12. I will include your husbands quick recovery and your mom to get well and feel better soon Gracie! Pray lang tayo and everything will be okay. Hugs!!!

  13. Kapit lang sa Kanya at wag bibitiw... God bless you Ms G.

    Napakaganda ng songs... First time ko marinig...


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