Saturday Letters


Dear Husband, glad you're fine now. You thought na mas naging worried ako dahil di natuloy lakad natin at sayang ang hotel na pina-booked ko kaysa sa kalagayan mo kaninang umaga. Ang totoo mas worried ako kapag nagkakasakit ka and since first time kong magpa-cancel ng reservation online, minabuti kong wag mangulit sayo, ayoko ma-stress kita. Don't worry after calling the hotel in Sweden and the Agoda Co. based in Germany at papaghintayin ako about 20 minutes, napa-cancel ko din ng free :) Stay fit and healthy.

Dear Colleague/Friend(s), we were supposed to meet kanina pero na-cancel din kasi need to make sure hubby would feel better. I'll catch you up next week :) 

Dear Weather, you're too much cold, please warm up :P

Dear Blogger Friends, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Just made my boring weekend feel better. Oh by the way, GFC is way adding more up! Thank you, hopefully we could reach 90 in the coming days and how about a hundred in the coming weeks? 

Dear Self, it's your free weekend why don't you go out tomorrow and do something interesting to cheer you up a bit? Take a walk, drive to the gym, or visit the salon and get a haircut? But pls drop the idea of getting a facial and back massage, that cost too much. Remember you need to SAVE M!

Dear You, how are you gonna spend your weekend? I hope you have a good one. God bless!


  1. sana mabasa ng lahat ng involved sa friday letter... i hope hubby will be okay...

    haaayyyy...ang weekend ko ay 2 gimiks at the rest ay online...

    1. Papalitan ko nga gawin kong Saturday Letters haha, Ph timezone pala gamit ko e.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Dear MarG,

    I'm happy na okay na si hubby. Don't worry about the vacation, may next time pa. Go ahead and pamper yourself a bit. You deserve some R&R. I have work on weekends so I'm gonna be at the office talking to people who need help with their internet connection. Hopefully, I won't get any irate caller. Enjoy your weekend! Mwah!


    1. Naks naman marJ letter style talaga ang peg para sa Saturday comment hehe. Ay nightmare talaga yang mga irate callers. Ako nga kagabi kahit pinaghintay ako sa kabilang linya sa Germany ng 20 minutes at hinihingan ako ng medical cert. para lang ma-cancel ang booking, e kalma pa rin akong sumagot at nag-explain. Sana like me intindihin ng mga callers na iba na you guys on the other line are doing your job, it's really a hard work i know being in a call center. Ako ang worries at nightmare ko lang ay yung patients na mabilis at malakas pa bumigwas, kung dika alerto sapul! Enjoy the rest of the week then, mwah!

  3. Buti naman ok na si Hubby mo. Ingat!

    Ako? Hmmm.... food trip later. :D nagpapataba ako e. Haha

  4. sorry to hear, Gracie. I know its hard if our love ones is sick....ganyan talaga habaan ang pasensya dearie lalo na kung cancellation, nakakairita talga minsan ang mga customer service, buti nga nakuha mo ang money mo.. Cge lang may susunod pa naman ang vacation mo, i'm sure engrande yan...Have a weekend dear.

  5. Oh sorry to hear about your hubby. You did the right thing. Anyway, may mga second chance pa naman.
    Hope you share pictures nga pala ng mga bakasyon nyo:)
    Take care and God bless you in every area of your life coz you too are a blessing.

  6. Dear Gracie,

    You're very much welcome. Thank you for also being a good blogger friend.

  7. Dear Gracie,

    How sweet of you to your husband. The love that you're showing to him is priceless and immeasurable. The concern and the care exudes contentment in your relationship. God bless you more for life - to stay happy, committed and harmonious in your relationship.

    You are so blessed that's why you're blessing others too. Cheers to good life!

  8. ang sweet mo namang asawa! nice swerte ng husband mo
    gagaling sya agad nyan

    hmm sana free ka sa weekend para magawa mo plan mo

  9. Our pleasure to always drop by and read your posts po ate Gracie!:)

    This week end? Hmmm.

    Today (Saturday) Nothing. :)

    Tomorrow Sunday, go to church, get my hair cut and what else... hmmm... que sera sera! :)

  10. weekend ko definitely blog hop hahaha feeling ko kulang ang isang linggo sa akin sa dami ng ginagawa.

    natuwa at i find this post so cute, iba lang, unique parang all in one na ang gusto mong sabihin ate gracie. hehehehe

  11. My everdearest Gracie,
    Good to hear that hubby is ok and congratulations for the MI cancellation without charges, hubby is so lucky to have you :)

    Dear colleague/friends ni Gracie, sorry that you missed spending time with this wonderful lady, she's busy being a wifey :)

    Dear weather, I',m not in Norway but why I feel the same way? And the sad thing is that it seems like you're the one causing my sickness and my "voice" had its annual retreat again:(. Yeah so please warm up but don't be the summer heat yet ok? It's a bit too soon I can't cope up haist!

    Dear blogger friend (ako yun), you're welcome. I love being here. Pwede ba akin na lang blog mo? LOL :P. Oh yeah let's go ahead and try to make this a hundred soon!

    Dear Gracie's self, Go out it's weekend! Do something interesting! Yes take a walk, drive to the gym, visit the salon and get a haircut! Take that facial and back massage now! Get out of here! LOL

    Dear me, who? me? err? I'm spending it replying to this letter and #amaenjoyingit!

    Hugs and kisses,
    Balut ;)

  12. Dear Gracie,

    Am glad that your husband's okay now, ang sweet mo naman kay hubby, kaya siguro mabilis ang paggaling nya.

    It's also cold here and I like it, sana ganito na lang lagi ang weather dito sa Pinas..hehe!

    And since your hubby's better now, try to relax and enjoy the weekend. Happy and blessed Sunday Gracie! :)


    PS: nakigaya daw ako sa kanila, letter style din ang comment..hehe!

  13. Dear Sis Gracie,

    Maghapon lang akong natulog nitong weekend. I'm happy at ok na si hubby mo. Sayang nga yung pinabooked mo na hotel pero mas mahalaga ang kondisyon ng ating mahal sa buhay :)

    P.S. Nakigaya narin ako ng letter style sa pagcomment. LOL

    Archieviner :P

  14. Ang daming kelangan isipin everyweekend ate gracie anoh?! My weekend was wonderful. Movie and date and housechores of course


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