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I was having a bad day at work today when suddenly my phone beeped, I received an SMS. It came from a friend, she just said she misses me a lot, oh well it melts my heart..

Still at work, later tonight another SMS came. Only the mobile number appeared, meaning it wasn't registered in my phone's directory list. 

"Kjære Gracie!..", I paused for a while and think who's the sender? 

Can't think of any but mommy Joy.. I think it's her! 

"...klem fra mommy Joy"

And yeah, I knew it! The beloved and truly a joy and inspiration to many here in blogosphere had sent me an SMS, oh dear I thought I was going to faint! 

Good thing I only had few hours of work. Just as I came home and wear off my winter boots, gloves and thick jacket, I went directly to my office room and immediately dialed mommy Joy's mobile number! 

Ring.. ring.. ring.. (kinda nervous..)

I think she knew already that it was me because here in Norway after answering the phone, we say "Ja, hållo Ola Nordman?" Norwegians tell their names or most probably the complete name, but mommy Joy said only hello or did I just misheard? Hahaha! 

Anyway, I was so excited so I wasn't really paying attention to every details and moments. All I wanted to hear was mommy Joy's sweet young voice! 

I talked to her for 15 minutes but wow seems like an hour or two! Blogging has become more and more meaningful to me now, seems to me so easy now to reach out to those inspirational people behind blogs like mommy Joy. I could have stayed on the phone for hours but oh a sweet, lovely and not so young man was waiting for me at the dining table who even said "Hei" to her. 
Got this card last 12.12.12, simple yet the most beautiful and creative card
I have ever received! Thanks a lot my mom in blogosphere, you
are every blogger's inspiration and joy. Hugs!

As my way of appreciating her kindness, I bought and send her a bouquet of flowers, see here.


  1. "mommy Joy's sweet young voice!" hmmm i want to hear that too :))

    1. Thanks Anthony, wait until you hear me sing, then you will cover your ears. Lol. Just loving you guys:)

  2. sweet nu namang dalawa haha,
    kakaingit sa may ganyan din akong friend dito sa bloggosphere

  3. Oh Gracie! You made me teary eyed again. By the way, your voice is so sweet too. Me din kabado, but as I heard your voice naibsan ang kaba ko kasi I felt that I was talking to a very kind daughter of mine.
    I am so lucky ba nag meet tayo sa blog world. You are such a blessing. Funny , sweet, makata and with a good heart. I am sure your mother is very proud of you.
    By the way marami ko friends from Cebu din dito and in fact attend ako ng birthday ng one of them today. I surely post the event later.
    Hils til den snille mannen din:)

  4. Wow, ansaya naman! It would be really lovely to talk to Mommy Joy and Mareng Gracie.. sana ni-conference call ninyo ko, hehe! At super cute nun card.. You both bring joy in the blogging world.. Mwah!

  5. whaaaaaaa. natuwa ako sa inyong dalawa. kakabasa ko lang ng post ni madam joy den after naman kay ms. gracie. Lakas makagoodvibes :) Nakakatuwa talaga sa blogsphere na may mga tao kang makikilala tulad nyo ni Madam joy :)

    Madam joy i also want to hear ur sweet young voice. lol

    Kadugo pala ang conversation nyung dalawa. pano bigkasin yang ae na yan? lol

  6. hangsaya naman! kakatuwa... napapangiti ako habang binabasa ko to hehehe

  7. nakakatuwa naman..i want to hear mama joy's voice too..narinig ko na boses ni ate gracie eh hehehe..

    my first impression to your voice is "astigin" but you are indeed a sweet person too ate gracie.. I felt and i knew that :)

    pareho kayo ni mama joy..sana ma-meet ko rin kayo in person.. hugs for both of you :)

  8. Naks, ang saya! Ako rin, got my card from her, ganda ng pinadala nyang photo, fave color ko pa. It made me smile, parang nung natanggap ko yun chocs n teddy from you. Maraming salamat. :)

  9. wow naman ... nakita ko yung flowers nainggit ako ...hehehehe

  10. Really sweet!!! :)

    Yan ang perfect description kay Ms Joy - a bloggers Joy. She really is a joy to all of us, she is inspiring, nice and sweet. Ang saya at naka pag chikahan kayo :)

  11. two sweet stories from two lovely ladies I adore here in the blogosphere... heartwarming...

  12. @Balut nyarap naman basahin ang komentong ito (wala bang favorite option dito), heartwarming!

  13. @ZaiZai Glad you agreed marZ, true she's a blogger's joy! jepp, we did chika to the max for 15 mins coz we have talked a lot of different things and sobrang friendly ni mommy Joy.

  14. @KULAPITOT nagandahan nga ako sa flower arrangement e kaya pasado kay mommy Joy, kahit napagkamalan nyang galing ito kay hubby nya haha, 3 roses ba naman e.

  15. She's very sweet talaga! Dami nya pinadalhan ng card pinaghirapan at made with love talaga ang mga ito!

  16. @Pink Line astigin talaga? hehe, baka opposite sa personality yan. ikaw naman ay maganda ang boses at feeling ko maganda pagkumakanta ka kaya sampol na ng vid dyan hehe

  17. @Archieviner oo biruin mo 3 languages namin for 15 mins haha kadugo nga talaga

  18. @joanne skype lang alam ko pwede mag call conference

  19. @MEcoy i'm sure meron yan basta try to reach out lang, posible yan parecoy ;)

  20. meeting people in blogosphere inspires me alot. glad to know na meron talaga sa inyu nag-rereach out. ;-) ingat lageh gracie

  21. awww that's nice! ako kaya kelan makaka meet ng another Filipino dito sa bansang ito? yung pwede ko rin makachokaran sa phone! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  22. Nakakataba naman ng puso ang mga comments dito. Para na akong lumilipad sa mga nice comments. Thank you so much everyone. And by the way, you are all nice and sweet and lovable.
    Hope you can share in your post mga gatherings nyo dyan Gracie. Love to see mga pinay din dyan. Meron ba kayong Christmas gatherings?
    Ha en fin uke Gracie:)

  23. @joy meron naman kaya lang kapag nasa gathering na busy nako sa daldalan at kainan hahaha, kung ako naman ang host ay busy sa pag eentertain sa mga bisita at pag-aasikaso sa kusina, ganito tayo dito dahil walang katulong, sana kahit katulong nalang tagakuha ng pics meron ahaha

  24. Wow! Ang galing talaga ni momi joy...she is very sweet and loving...:)


  25. sweet...big deal tlga when u r in a foreign land tapos people reach out... hyyy...sayang d nyo maeenjoy ang paskomng pinas na uber happy...gud thing u hve a lot of gud friends na few texts or call away lng...

  26. wow one of a kind!! such a loving person si mommy joy!!


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