Photo Caption Please?

Summer is already over and the temp is getting lower and colder everyday. Well, fall season is just way around the corner now and yeah I see golden, red and yellow leaves waving at mellow me. But the busy bee has not been touring much yet outside this week so autumn photos will come hopefully soon. 

Anyway highway, howdy everyone? What's your wildest fantasy for christmas? LOL, just kidding. Time flies really fast, it's now October and it's close to christmas time. Who's excited? Starts humming the tune of-- Pasko na naman..

Meanwhile, I have posted a photo below which I took around last week, last sunny weather I think. I couldn't think of any photo caption here so I wonder if anyone could give a nice/funny/whatever photo caption here (sample). I know I'm kinda weird, who would grab a piece of light bulb and flash it behind a shining shimmering splendid sun and whoala! I wish my neighbor didn't saw me this time duh.

What's the reward/prize: A blogger T-SHIRT.

What to do/How to join: Leave your comments below, stating: I want to win a t-shirt.. and then include your DESIRED PHOTO CAPTION for the picture above, i.e "I want to win a t-shirt. LIGHT BULB. 

Who can join: Any interested bloggers who are based in Philippines right now. 

Post your comments/entries starting today until Thursday next week, Oct. 11, 2012. The winner will be chosen via at 12mn and I will be announcing it on Friday, Oct. 12, 2012. 

Good luck bloggies!

Join ka na, malay mo ikaw lang ang nag-iisang magkomento eh di instant sa'yo na ang premyo, say mo?


  1. You are very creative Gracie. Good luck to the pinoy in the phil:)

  2. "I want to win a t-shirt. Be the Light" haha ok n ba to

  3. I want to win a t-shirt.
    "doesn't matter if it's natural or artificial, the only thing that matters is that, you hold the LIGHT to my life"

    naknaman serious si LightRunner! :P lolz!

  4. Ang cool naman! Napaisip ako kung pano umilaw yun bulb..

    I want to win a t-shirt. PASIKAT!

    Hahaha, wala kasi ako maisip e. Pwede naman tagalog di ba? :D

  5. uu nga pano umilaw yung bulb?

    "I want to win a t-shirt."
    "May liwanag ang buhay"
    hehe meralco lang ang peg :)

  6. @Joy I like being creative rather than being weird hehehe

    @MEcoy pasok! bale ikaw 1st sa lista pagni-raffle ko name nyo sa

    @Light wagas! hehe, you're 2nd.

    @Joanne pwede! 3rd.

    @Pink Line haha, di kaya ma-plagiarize tayo? 4th.

    Pano ko ba ipapaliwanag to? Itinapat ko lang yung bulb sa eye ng sun, walang flash yung cam ko kasi sobrang liwanag at tumagos pati sun rays nya.. owemgee naman napaka propesyonal ng aking heksplinasyones! Hayan, goodluck..

  7. I want to win a t-shirt - Let there be light!

  8. I want to win a t-shirt. "Nasa kamay mo ang Liwanag"

    -Wala ako sa Pinas. Pero sumali. hehe

  9. Hanep sa pag ka creative!! Award winning piece!

  10. @Zaizai seryoso? 5th.

    @Archieviner Sure, sige pero need mo ng representative na magki.claim ng shirt mo sa Pinas. Or pwede rin, you'll choose another blogger you wanted to receive the prize ;) 6th

    @Mar thank you, pasalubong :P

  11. isipin ko nalang yan pag ako nanalo.. hehe... :)

  12. so unfair, only in Philippines Gracie my dear..hehehe.just kidding.Anyway,enjoy and goodluck to all the participants.

  13. I want to win a t-shirt.

    The beauty in the light!...okay ba?...:)


  14. "I want to win a t-shirt. Light it up."

  15. Naku wala ako maisip pero kasi dito sa amin pag may light bulb moment we utter the word "ting" (high note) meaning may biglang naisip na idea o light bulb moment nga.

    I want to win a t-shirt. Ting!


  16. I really like your creative picture! thanks for your visit and have a lovely new week:-)

  17. i want to win a t-shirt. nature's own ART-ificial light.

    :D pasali po. hihi.

  18. I want to win a t-shirt,
    be the light for others...

  19. @SunnyToast thanks for the support!

    @Mhie Lee haha, anong unfair dun? kelan ka papakontest?

    @xoxo_grah okay na okay, thanks for joining ;) 7th

    @Superjaid 8th! goodluck :)

    @Anney hahaha wagas ang caption! tumambling ako sa kakatawa. 9th.

    @Jana thanks a lot, you are an inspiration.

    @Virkky Mums sure, salamat keep coming :) 10th

    @Annmarie Pipa wow, you joined! hehe, but unfortunately if you win you have to choose a blogger in Philippines who could receive your price. The reward cannot be sent internationally sorry :( 11th.

  20. I want to win a T-shirt but you need to put some "light" by answering these 11 questions first :P

  21. Wow, another Gracie's surprise supplies, iba ka talaga gurl. Good luck sa mga sumali at sasali pa. Pass na muna ko dito, baka swertehin ulit ako at mapagkamalan na talagang luto ang mga pakulo mo, kaya next time na lang ulit ako...hehe, feeling maswerte lang! ;)

  22. @Balut hahaha kala kow.. anyway thanks for tagging, tag lang ng tag sige go ako dyan pero wait muna busy pa akech ;)

    @Tal nyahaha Glen kaw na, sige na nga pagbigyan na ang iba, ipasa na yang swertes, apir!

    Whoa, bilis ng panahon.. today na ang last posting of entries/comments dito sa photo caption contest.. at sa friday na malalaman sino ang magwawagi at magkakamit ng blogger t-shirt!


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