Fierce And Feisty

Hubby surprised me yesterday by driving me to Holmfoss in Kvelde, Vestfold which is about half an hour drive from Larvik. We should've been here last week but an industrial building nearby caught up fire and burned down so the plan was cancelled.

Holmfoss in Kvelde, Vestfold
Holmfoss is popular for those who loves fishing. The river is called Numedalsl√•gen, a perfect place for catching salmon fish. I heard boats, fishing gears and rooms can be rented nearby for tourists coming here to stay. 

For us who live nearby who wishes to go on fishing, we can just bring our own freshwater fishing rods, reels, hooks, rigs and tackles then go home afterwards. Hubby told me one thing to do before go on fishing in order to catch more fishes? Hmm.. and that's one thing I have no courage to share about here, private message only. Hehe, what do you think it is? 

Fierce and feisty 
Anyway affter taking a lot of shots and vids, I stole a moment sitting under the trees watching the river flows while listening to the sound made by its strong currents. The overflowing currents looked fierce and feisty but for me it just sounded like a song of nature, so natural. I felt at peace, I so love mother nature!  

The meaning of the art is in the eye of the beholder.

I was teary-eyed when we left the place. So grateful that hubby brought me here and for his simple yet lovely surprise. I wish we could go fishing here next time we'll visit.

I'm not sure if you call it inspired but I end up making a colorful artwork on canvas last night. (shown above) Actually this is just a simple piece of art made by melting pieces of crayons using a blow dryer, even kids can do.

How about you, who/what does inspires you? What water activities have you tried and/or like? Do you think the artwork has a connection with the 2 first photos above?


  1. Hello mare, ibang level naman talaga jan sa inyo, kahit dyan dyan sa tabi tabi e bongga pa din ang ganda! Ano yun secret?i-dm mo saken yan, nacurious ang chismosa!hehe..

  2. Iba talaga pag inspired ka! Lumalabas pagkamalikhain mo! 2 thumbs up for the artwork, alam mo naman tayong mga artist, hahaha naki artist na din... Anyways highways, para sa kin, there's a connection yong photos sa artwork, both suggests flow... And the contrast compliments each other, the photos are fierced, rumaragasang tubig, while the artwork is more like of a tamed fluid... Gawa ka pa ng ganito Gracie! Photo and your artwork! Galing!

  3. wow and wow. the real pictures and your art. Very creative, Maybe Iwill try it too:) Gaya gaya ang lola. hi hi

  4. Ay curious ako how to catch more fishes! hehe! Ganda ng artwork! Mukha nga syang umaagos na tubig kaya I think may connection sya dun sa first 2 pics!

  5. hangsaya naman ng mga lugar, ang gara ng mga pangalan.
    anu nga kaya ang sikreto para makahuli ng maraming fish? :P

    tingin ko yung artwork ay parang yung agos ng tubig, na marahil simple lamang sa paningin ng iba pero nagkakaroon ng iba't ibang kulay base sa nararamdaman ng nakaka-appreciate ng ganda ni mother nature :P

  6. Wow, you can catch salmon fish there, kainggit, gusto ko na talaga sa lugar mo Gracie, pwede pa-ampon na lang...hehe! At hmmm, ano kaya secret for catching more fishes, paki-DM na nga rin, tsismosa lang din eh..haha!

    About the last pic, mahina talaga ko sa artwork, binasa ko na lang mga comment nila to know the connection, yun pala yun, flow pala suggest nya, galing mo naman gurl, at galing din nila, nakuha nila gusto mo iparating through your artwork. bilib!!! :)

  7. ay! ang sweet nyo naman ng hubby mo dearie....hehhehe...alam mo fishing lang di ko pa naranasan iwan ko kung may makakuha ako ng fish...hehheheh...
    About your question-your artwork and the pictures above has a connections because of its flow, para ding sya water sa river..hehhehe

  8. @joanne hanap ka muna lablayp marj then fishing kayo hehe, gets?

  9. @Mecoy dream ko talaga yun kaya i'm glad nagdrive si hubby papunta dun para isorpresa ako. next wish ko.. falls, yung malapitan naman, sana isang araw..

  10. @Mar Ikaw ang artist e, ako nagtry lang hehe. Sundan mo na yung post mo dun sa drawing mo, gawa ka din more ah. Subok na ang galeng mo idol sa pag interpret ng mga larawan kakainspire naman, ako na di kayang mag explain, ikaw ang nagbibigay hustisya hehe.. akmang akma kasi.

  11. @joy no prob mommy Joy, nakigaya rin ako e hehe.

  12. @anney tumfact! konek na konek nga sis, galeng!

  13. @Tal pwede bang mag ampon ng isang kaibigan sa blog at gawing bff? hehe. sana nga ng may maka-jamming naman ako dito bukod sa hubby ko hehe.

  14. @Mhie ask me, nung matry ko di ko naenjoy. ang sungit nung nagturo (hehe peace bro!) tas yung second time (w/ my sis naman) nakahuli nga ako, yey! lang reaction hindi taos puso hehe

  15. parang alam ko na kung anong ginawa nio ni hubby..naiisip mo ba ang naiisip ko? yung ginawa nio mukang yun ang nagpa-inspire sau na gumawa ng creative art like the eye of the beholder ;)


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