Father's Love

"Ut på tur, aldri sur" means, never get lonely when you're out for a walk..

I was out today for a looong photowalk right after my job because the sun was shining so bright that it thrills me to capture some street moments. 

And here's some of my fave..

This was taken in Germany 2010
Because of the photos taken above, I can't help but miss my father.. 

An Inspirational Song from Gary Valenciano called: Father's Love

I called yesterday but it was only mom and sis I was able to talk to. He is well and healthy. Thank God! Mama told me that the money he got from me before I left had been used to buy goats for their farm. He is even proud to say that. He doesn't know, he makes me even more proud of him! I love you Tatay. 


  1. sweet mo naman sa parents mo gurl! am sure, proud din ang father (parents) mo sa kung ano man ang narating at mararating mo. uwi na ulit ng makasama mo sila o kaya, dalhin mo na lang sila dyan. pwede ba yun? :)

  2. yun pala ibig sabihin ng tweet mo kahapon, ni-check ko sya kay iHandy sabi nya: 'hit the road, never sour' ang sagwa...hehe, pero pwede na. ;P

  3. @Tal hahaha literal talaga. Masaya magphotowalk kaso nakakakaba ako lang mag isa while si hubby hintay sa parking lot. Uwing uwi na nga ako ng makagala ulit hehe ;P

  4. ang sweet ng sinabi mo sa huli na teary eyed ako, seriously. glad to know your family, your dad especially are doing well :)

    lovely pictures btw, perfect for the theme of your blog entry :)

  5. though my father and i wasn't always in good terms i love him still

  6. though my father and i wasn't always in good terms i love him still

  7. you're such a sweet daughter. lost my father 10 yrs ago :(

  8. wow, sipag mo mag lakad Gracie, Dito ulan ng ulan, so malapit na tubuan ng damo ang sofa sa kauupo ko. hi hi. joke only.
    Anyway, naka touch naman ang post mo about your father.
    Bakit parang na feel ko na baka maging mother ka na rin?

  9. yes...a fathers love is a beautiful thing...

  10. @MEcoy that's my parekoy :) there's no reason na magkimkim ka ng galit dahilan sa madalas na bangayan nyo ng father mo, I'm sure he always think the best for you.

  11. @Zaizai we all love our family kasi inspite of.. lalo basta parents na pinag-uusapan sigurado nakaka-iyak kahit simpleng words lang yung laman hehe.

  12. @Balut sorry for your loss MamaLut hugs you, I can't imagine life w/o them.. though I'm far, my thoughts are with them all the time.

  13. @Joy hahaha akala ko nagrooting na yung rumpa kakasit hehehe ayan inumpisahan nyo kasing magbiro hahaha hugs you mommy Joy

  14. @Annmarie yeah, I was once a Papa's girl.. it was the best encounter I had with my dad. It changed when I started to move out in high school and became aloof just because he scolded me and kicked me. Last year when I had my vacation, we bonded a lot and I felt his love and care for me, he even kissed me in the forehead (which I missed a lot) I said "Love you dad, just before I left Phils.

  15. saludo din ako sa mga fathers... thanks for sharing... nakaka touch lalo na sa last part..

    Naalala ko tuloy ang father ko...


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