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Busy As A Bee

For to the bee a flower is a fountain of life For to the flower a bee is a messenger of love And to both, bee and flower, the giving and the receiving is a need and an ecstacy.
-Kahlil Gibran-

I was outside the garden and fixing my flowers and pots, when this "killer bee" approached. Good thing it didn't liked me! Oh, does it mean I am not sweet enough? Hmm..

Anyway let's get to know some interesting bee facts:
*The only insect that produces food eaten by man. 
*Bees have five eyes. Two large compound eyes and three simple eyes.
*Honeybees visits 50-100 flowers during a collection trip.
*The queen bee can live up to five years and lays 2500 eggs per day.
*The male honeybees which are larger than the worker bees have no stinger and they only do the mating.
*Only worker bees sting and it is estimated 1100 stings requires to be fatal.
*They communicate each other by "dancing".
*Bees can fly up to fifteen miles per hour.
*It takes one ounce of honey to fuel a bee's flight…

Travelogue: A Night At The Tivoli | Copenhagen, Denmark 2008

Warning: Gracielingo mode.

When I traveled to Denmark in 2008, the only pocket money I had was 200 NOK (means norwegian kroner). The feeling is the same when you only have a 200-peso bill in your pocket while traveling from the province of Samar to Metro Manila, imagine?
I just had to visit my cousin who was working there and she paid for the fare and expenses naman (Hay salamat bait naman sana kunin.. sige kayo na bahala sa karugtong). Kaso I thought I was going to take the plane (anne-bisyosha) but I was informed only the day before my trip na magba-bus and my ticket was sent thru SMS pa. Ano ba itech, taympers sumabit ng Swebus Express 200 nok lang ang keri, teks pa ang teklabombom? Noknokan ng shongabels menoche. 

It was only 9-hour ride anyway and who am I to refuse the offer? Instead of sleeping the night before my trip, I used my time packing my things and thought I could sleep the whole journey (wiz nangyari). I only had a backpack with me because it was just a weekend visit anyw…

Wander Sara...

Babala: Ang mga pangalan, lugar at pangyayaring nabanggit o nakapaloob sa maikling kwento na ito ay pawang mga kathang-isip lamang, solong binuo at isinulat ng may-akda. Kung mangyaring nagtugma ito sa karanasan ng iba o sa mga unang nailathala ng ilan sa ating mga manunulat, ipagpaumanhin nyo po dahil ito ay hindi sinadya. 

"Nanay!" Tawag ni Sara habang pupungas-pungas pa ito mula sa mahimbing na pagkakatulog, sabado ng umaga yaon. 

Si Sara, solong anak ng mag-asawang Angge at Olan. Balingkinitan ang katawan, may katamtaman ang tangkad at may maamong mukha. Siya ay bagong gradweyt ng kursong Edukasyon at pangarap na niya talagang maging guro musmos pa lamang. Noon pa man ay mahilig ng mangarap itong bente uno anyos na dalaga. Nakakahiligan nyang magbasa pagkuwa'y mangangarap at mauuwi sa pagka-idlip. Kadalasan nananaginip siyang naglalakbay patungo sa mga nais nyang marating na mga lugar. 

"Uy Sara, nanaginip ka na naman. Nasa likod-bahay si nanay Angge mo nagwawalis …

Father's Love

"Ut på tur, aldri sur" means, never get lonely when you're out for a walk..
I was out today for a looong photowalk right after my job because the sun was shining so bright that it thrills me to capture some street moments. 
And here's some of my fave..

Because of the photos taken above, I can't help but miss my father.. 
An Inspirational Song from Gary Valenciano called: Father's Love
I called yesterday but it was only mom and sis I was able to talk to. He is well and healthy. Thank God! Mama told me that the money he got from me before I left had been used to buy goats for their farm. He is even proud to say that. He doesn't know, he makes me even more proud of him! I love you Tatay. 

Photography: Colored Pencils' Compo

-The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you-.

5 Minutes

Below are my first fireworks shots held in Ski, Akershus NO where my brother-in-law lives. We were celebrating "August party" that time time when a couple told me that in 5 minutes there will be a fireworks display that is going to happen. 
"What in five minutes?" I asked in surprise with big tantalizing eyes, charot.
"Yes, actually it's not more than four minutes now before it's going to happen," manang replied.
"So what are we waiting for, let's go out in the veranda and watch it," manong said in a very calm voice.
"Cool, this is gonna be fun!" the excited me.
I hurriedly grab my photo gear: my dslr attached to a manfrotto tripod, set in a manual mode (1/20 seconds, f3.5, ISO 6400). That's the last settings I end up after a lot of tries. 

"I guess we all liked to be recognized not for one piece of fireworks, but for the ledger of our daily work" - Neil Armstrong
Ganito yun: nasa kalagitnaan na ng fireworks display…

Fierce And Feisty

Hubby surprised me yesterday by driving me to Holmfoss in Kvelde, Vestfold which is about half an hour drive from Larvik. We should've been here last week but an industrial building nearby caught up fire and burned down so the plan was cancelled.
Holmfoss is popular for those who loves fishing. The river is called Numedalslågen, a perfect place for catching salmon fish. I heard boats, fishing gears and rooms can be rented nearby for tourists coming here to stay. 

For us who live nearby who wishes to go on fishing, we can just bring our own freshwater fishing rods, reels, hooks, rigs and tackles then go home afterwards. Hubby told me one thing to do before go on fishing in order to catch more fishes? Hmm.. and that's one thing I have no courage to share about here, private message only. Hehe, what do you think it is? 

Anyway affter taking a lot of shots and vids, I stole a moment sitting under the trees watching the river flows while listening to the sound made by its strong curre…