Gracie's Day Out

I had a wonderful and relaxing day out. One way to stay away a bit from my stressful job was to spend a day at the spa. Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while, ayt guys?

A relaxing facial cleanse and a shoulder massage in a 60-minute session at Thanh's Hud og Kropp's Pleie using Dermatologica facial products. (I can't wait for my next appointment - hand and foot care plus back massage, yey!)

At HÃ¥rgalleriet Frisør is where I got my new haircut plus hairwash and scalp massage, friendly and professional workers thumbs up! 

Thank you and keep up the great service guys! 

*This is not a paid advertisement*


  1. there's nothing more relaxing than that

  2. Inggitness akoh sa spa! I deserve one too waaah! CONGRATULATIONS on the dotcom and new look! Luvet!

  3. wow. kainggit naman super pampering day.

  4. Wow, that is my girl. You need that Gracie, but we need to see the new look girl:)

  5. @MEcoy yes truelalu!

    @Balut Girl we need to pamper ourselves.. it's not just for us but for our partners as well hehehe. Thanks!

  6. @mommy Joy thanks, I'll post some other time po.

    @Superjaid yeah weakness talaga natin tong girls kaya go book your appointment with the spa clinic to pamper yourself soon!

  7. wow, inggit much aketch! haha.. pero never ako nagpa-facial, natatakot ako kaso masakit daw.. pero like ko ang scalp massage.. iba na talaga pag mayaman, pa-spa spa na lang, haha..

    P.S. Wala bang pic ng new look? :)

    1. @Joanne ano ka ba marj andami nyan dyan sa Pinas at ang mura pa hehe pwedeng araw-arawin :D dito ang mahal kaya after 5 years ko pa bago naexperience ulit. Sarap kaya ng facial try mo.

      @Mar Unplog oo nga idol di lang ako pati blog ko nagmakeover din hehe, class A ba? :)

      @Zaizai whachamakulet :D peace Zey!

      @Tal Isa ka pa Glen, owemgee i'm so pressured na tuloy gwabe! ;P mwah!

      Sarap kaya ng massage minsan nakalimutan ko name ko lol.

  8. Nice way to pamper yourself! Yan ang ideal Day out! At bago na pala ang pangalan ng lungga mo (halatang ang tagal kong di nadalaw dito hehe), Gracies Network! Class ang dating, pang mayaman idol!

  9. post na ng bago pic...hhaaha, dagdag pressure itech! :D

    like ko facial pero di ang body massage, bugbog ang feeling ko eh...hehe!

  10. Excuse me po dahil may pagka autistic itong aking comment area.. Hehe hayz!


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