20 Cool Signs That You Like Someone

This cracks me up myself. LoL. I don't know what drives me to write such like this crap but I admit this is fun and so highschool, hehehe. 

Tell me or comment below if you can relate to this, my question: Do you like someone? If you aren't sure but is feeling a bit weird lately, then check this out!

TWENTY: You keep searching their names on the networking sites hoping to find them.

NINETEEN: If you find them, you want to keep in touch by sending a friend's request.

EIGHTEEN: Once you'll get added by them, first thing you want to do is look at their photo albums and then a day or two might send a two paragraph "thank you note".

SEVENTEEN: You become a constant visitor and keeps looking at their profile every minute everyday.

SIXTEEN: You miss them already even just after having a conversation via phone or thru chats. 

FIFTEEN: You read their messages over and over again.

FOURTEEN: You feel shy and somewhat blushing when they're around.

TWELVE: You notice time runs fast when you're with them.

ELEVEN: When you think about them, your heart beats faster, even louder.

TEEN: You smile when you hear their voice.

NINE: When they call up your name, you feel cloud nine.

EIGHT: When you look at them, you hardly notice other people around you, just them.

SEVEN: You start listening to mellow songs when you start thinking about them.

SIX: You get high just from their scent and becomes curious what scent they are wearing.

FIVE: You realize you're smiling when you're looking at them.

FOUR: You will do anything just to see and be with them.

THREE: They're on your mind all the time, even while reading this.

TWO: You get excited! You were busy thinking about them that you didn't even notice that number thirteen was missing and number ten was mispelled.

ONE: You check that out. And now who's laughing?


  1. Di ko napansin na missing ang number 13 pero napansin ko ang teen! hehe!

  2. Ako din nakita ko ang teen. Hi, hi, but not 13. Anyway, im glad that i still feel the same for my husband........ Almost. Lol

  3. waahhhh. this is it! hahah. tama na tama. sino ang nakarelate?

  4. eh bakit nga ba???
    at parang di bagay saking basahin to LOL.
    napansin ko lahat ng mali kasi yung ang gawain ko eh mamansin ng mali :(

  5. Ay! Nakita ko agad! hehe.. ano ibig sabihin nun? lol..

    relate naman ako sa post na to. Yung sa #15. Naku! hehe.. Ma-mention lang ako sa Twitter, naka favorite agad. kasi ang sarap basahin ulit, parang nasa cloud9 lang. :D

  6. Di ko napansin na may mali at may kulang sa unang basa ko, di ko na kase pinapansin talaga kung may mali man sa spelling o sa kung ano man. Pero dahil sa sinabi mo sa #1, binalikan ko talaga at tiningnan ulit..haha. Nabiktima mo ako dito, hahaha!

  7. nakakatawa nga ito Gracie...napansin ko bakit wala kang 13.Ito yong feeling ko noong my crush ako.lol.....

  8. hehe may catch pala... ang problema, hindi ko binabasa yung mga numbers... dun agad ako sa meat of the meal :-P So, sinong crush mo? hehe

    Spanish Pinay


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