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Surprise Supplies Part II

Just recently I came up with certain questions and posted it on I didn't plan, I wasn't even prepared. It was just plain and pretty simple guessing game and then lately realized I could do it for the sake of my "SURPRISE SUPPLIES PART II" giveaway. 

I called it "SURPRISE SUPPLIES" coz I like to give surprises, no plans and even no clues! I like to give my readers and followers rewards as compliments to what they do: Blogging - it's hardwork! I couldn't give them a hug but I know I can share a lil' in any ways. 

10 Firmoo Sunglasses At Stake!

A blogger friend of mine, Balut is hosting this year's hottest giveaway! Courtesy of as her sponsor, you will be given a chance to win not only one but ten sunglasses! Whew, whatta grand giveaway huh! 

Without further ado, please visit her sites at and for more details and mechanics on how you can join the contest. 

Hurry! 5 days left so go on and check her blogs now and send in your entries the soonest possible time! 

Best of luck guys, ciao!

Late Post: Pre & Post-Natal Day Celebration

It was my birthday last April 7 and I celebrated it twice, some days before and some days after. 

What happened during the 7th of April? I was on duty that day. Who am I to complain? Well, it was a blessing indeed since I have a job and I'm not depending on anybody. I don't need holidays during my birthdays. Anyway I had so much holidays during my birthdays before;) I'm just so thankful now that I had the oppurtunity to celebrate it with family and friends in Norway. Thank you dear God.

Verdens Beste Kake

Last week I baked the World's Best Cake(WBC) for the first time, in norwegian it is called "Verdens Beste Kake". People normally here in Norway bake their own breads, cakes and pastries. Not all of course can bake but at least they try. Norway is a very expensive place to live in so it is good to be a little practical in some ways.

Just Dropping By To Say Hi!

1 week, eto na siguro ang pangalawa sa pinakamatagal na wala akong entry sapagkat subalit datapwat kasalukuyang namamahinga sa hospital este sa kanyang garahe ang segunda mano kong desktop computer mula sa pagkadismaya nito ng biglang atakihin ng mapaminsalang spyware, malware, virus etcetera etcetera tse! 

Yo Mama!

Ma, you nortured me for nine months and I know it wasn't easy  You know I appreciate it a lot everything that you did for me.
Ma, you are always there when I needed you most Giving me comfort and advise specially when I'm feeling lost.
Ma, from far away and from up close You deserve to be praised just because.
Ma, each day should be your celebration Since you play a major role in our creation.
Ma, no one can ever replace you How can I ever thank you?
Ma, it is an eternal debt That I will remember even until the last day of my breath.
Mama, happy mother's day!
I love you always.

A Day Of Distress

Got my new visa debit card yesterday which I had ordered manually from my online bank last week. Its expiration date was March this year and I thought they would just send me automatically a new one coz they did it last year. But I was totally idiot waiting for nothing, hopeless! 

20 Cool Signs That You Like Someone

This cracks me up myself. LoL. I don't know what drives me to write such like this crap but I admit this is fun and so highschool, hehehe. 

Tell me or comment below if you can relate to this, my question: Do you like someone? If you aren't sure but is feeling a bit weird lately, then check this out!

Photography: Reflection



Dati na akong may account sa twitter pero tahimik lang at di ito active, puro follow lang ako ng mga kilalang tao at karamihan celebrities pa (tsismosa lang). Nang maging aktibo ako dito sa blogosphere, sinubukan kong dalawin muli ang twittersphere (existing ba to?), nagfollow ako sa mga constant visitor at commentator ng aking blog pero di iyon lingid sa kanilang kaalaman. Yun nga lang di ako marunong ng katagang "DM" at kung anik-anik pa. 

Feel Good Movies

With the kind of technology we have these days, watching our favorite films or movies are just easy as clicking the on/off button. If you're lucky enough, you got a smartphone, a wi-fi internet connection and a movie app, then you're cool. Congratulations!