29 To 30

These are the things I've done before 30. Can you spot one thing which I have not done yet?
  1. Ate reeindeer meat
  2. Dyed my hair
  3. Appointed to a position of local organization
  4. Walked along the beach with my father and treat him a bottle of beer
  5. Gathered my high school batch mates for a reunion
  6. Made facebook pages and made it popular
  7. Conquered my fear in deep waters thru helmet diving
  8. Paddled a canoed in Farris lake
  9. Traveled alone from country to country
  10. Hired as a photographer and videographer of a local politician for free
  11. Traveled with friends out-of-town
  12. Ate whale meat
  13. Bought and own something expensive
  14. Had a snowball fight
  15. Bonded with my mom for days
  16. Slept under the stars
  17. Swam in the pool for hours
  18. Harvested and ate a homegrown strawberries 
  19. Changed diapers for 20 kids in one day
  20. Got 3 different work bosses in one year
  21. Ate an exotic food
  22. Build a computer from parts
  23. Worked 2 different jobs at the same day or week
  24. Danced like a fool and didn't care who were watching
  25. Caught by the nightwatcher for drinking at the park
  26. Changed diapers for 6 adults in one day
  27. Slept at the expensive hotels and resorts
  28. Ate bread instead of rice for weeks
  29. Burried myself for fun in the white sands of Boracay
  30. Watching and talking to someone who was in a terminal stage


  1. Tahimik naman dito, mukhang walang may naniniwalang nagawa ko isa sa mga nakasulat sa taas hehehe. Nagawa ko yan lahat except sa isa(ang kulit ko).

  2. I believe not eating rice for many weeks:)

    1. Haha in doubt ka te joy? Fact: When I got married po kasi, si hubby mostly nagluluto at sobrang pasikat sya sa mga obra nya sa kusina hahaha kaya ayun nearly a year pa nga puro norske mat: potet isteden for ris :(


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