11 Facts & 11 Queries

At first I was like, "Ow em gee I've been tagged! Why me?" And then I started reading the tagged questions and then I was thinking like, "Is this a sort of punishment or what?" Actually the tagged questions were pretty hard Balut ha pinagpawisan ako ng butil-butil pero sa kagandahang palad ito'y magiging kristal sapagkat ako'y magtatagumpay sa aking mga pinapangarap hehehe! Chos.

Here's my answers to your questions, so sit back, with your seatbelt on, hope you kick in joy! 

1. Sinong bestfriend mo doon? 
Although marami silang kinokonsider kong bestfriends sa ngayon (naks friendly?) pero ang itinuturing kong ultimate bestfriend talaga ay yung former classmate ko nung college, si Phoebe. Actually we've just figured it out lately that we've known each other for 12 years already, so we've decided that we're gonna celebrate 13 years of friendship in June 2012 for the first time. Ang saya!

2. Sinong kamukha mong celebrity?
Sa kasawiang palad wala akong kamukhang celebrity dahil pang masa ang itsura ko haha. What do I mean? Marami daw kasi akong kamukha, kesyo kilala ni kuwan, o kaibigan ni ganito o kaya pinsan ni ganyan ang mga kamukha ko. Kadalasan natatawa nalang ako kapag nakakarinig ako ng mga ganung komento kasi nakakatuwa din naman. Minsan nabubulunan ako habang kumakain biglang babanatan ka ng mga ganung linya haha, common na sa akin yun. Kumbaga bumenta na sakin yun. Nasanay na ako.

3. What is your best physical asset?
OMG, I'm not sure ha but I think yung butt ko daw. Ewan ko, both sexes kasi napapansin nila yung curves ng butt ko at yun ang pinupuri nila sa akin physically (siempre wala kasing makitang iba hahaha).

4. What is your ultimate gadget wish?
I wish to get an Apple Macbook Pro, that's my ultimate wish as of the moment. I consider its efficiency and its battery life span. The loading speed is faster and has a better performance than of the windows based computers. Most of all, it doesn't need an antivirus software. I love gadgets but sorry I'm not a gadget geek so that's all I believe.

5. How do you pamper yourself?
Anything about Spa. I like to have myself a hairspa, facial treatment and also getting my nails done. I haven't tried getting massage yet though, it could be way more relaxing, I think.

6. Why are you blogging?
I blog because I wanted to keep a list of my life's adventures and misadventures. I wanted to keep track of my life's journey, random thoughts, created stories/poems and photo logs. 

I've discovered and started blogging way back friendster years. Then lately I found blogspot so there my interest for writing continued. It was so timing that I wanted to get out of being a facebook fanatic and I hate it when all of my sort of followers were just the people I knew and who knows me. I almost updated my status everyday and I felt more lonely(since I'm like miles away from everybody) because nobody dares to appreciate in a form of liking it or just dropping a comment. But in blogging, I see things different. I almost left facebook recently and stays blogging during my free time and I guess.. I'm starting to gain friends. And I'm loving the way it is.

7. What can you say about me and this blog? 
I just find you friendly and easy to get along with, I think. Your blogs are pretty interesting and kinda motivates me to start my running career someday soon hehe. 

8. What do you think of "Google's New Privacy Policy" that took effect on March 1, 2012?
I like it better than the old policies. Although everything you share, everything you do in cyberspace can be traced by google but at least you've given control and options whether these informations are to be shared publicly or to limited audiences. That's only how I understand the concept, okay so please no arguments hahaha.

9. What movie can you relate your own life to?
I admit this is one complicated query coz actually I don't think there is a movie that exists and can define how I live my life as of the moment.

10. Except "learning to love yourself", what do you think is the greatest love of all? 
Nothing I can think of will be much greater than the faith and belief we have in our hearts towards God. I don't know much about God but I know He's there for me and for all of us. I know God loves us all, and He does not want us to suffer from evil. 

11. Are you satisfied in the track your life is taking right now? 
Happy, yes but not satisfied yet. I know there will be something more in my life that I will experience soon and that is.. being a mother. 

So now here I made 11 questions to those who will get tagged. Relax, coz this is just easy as eating as peanuts!

1. Describe your feelings right now. 
2. Kung ikaw ay isang pagkain, anong putahe ka? 
3. Is there anything you own that you can't live without and why?
4. How does uhog or nasal mucus taste like?
5. Would you rather be attacked by a huge bear or a swarm of bees?
6. What's the best compliment you've ever received?
7. Kung isa ka sa 5 senses ng ating katawan, ano ka at bakit?
8. What have you done the day before yesterday?
9. Proud ka ba sa bansa mo? Paano?
10. What advise can you give to the government future leaders?
11. Where do you think you'll be in five years?

I'm tagging these questions to:

1. thepinaywanderer
2. Mar
3. Ms Chyng
4. Mhie
5. Zam

And lastly here's the random things about me:

1. They call me Jam (sounds sweet?)
2. Youngest among the four siblings, yet the biggest :(
3. A sleepyhead, like I can sleep half of my entire life :D
4. Does not eat black colored small salted fish (ginamos) but loves bagoong.
5. Allergic to bugs, taking medicines like forever (duh, hope not!)
6. Having more than two phobias (I won't tell you)
7. I hate my childhood (my mouth is sealed)
8. Bad with directions (don't ask me)
9. I do not trust any stranger animals (who does?)
10. Can live without television (energy saving teehee)
11. Cannot live without a gadget with unlimited internet (plus the basic necessities of course :P)

To those who are tagged, please do the following rules (in any order):

  • Post 11 random info/things about you.
  • Post the answers to the questions being tagged to you.
  • Make 11 questions for the people you tag to answer.

Thanks for tagging me Balut, I had fun answering anyway. Hope kayo din na mga na-tag enjoy lang, para iwas dugo ilong! :D Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Longest post ever :9 Those who weren't tag and wishes to answer the 11 questions and post random things, pwedeng sumali :D para happy lahat hehe

  2. Haha! Umabot din sayo ang 11 questions tag.. XD

    Wow naman, physical asset mo ang butt mo. Nice!! Sana ako din. lol..

    1. Oo nga sa lakas ng radar ng 11 q-tag umabot ng north pole at isang big brown bear ang natamaan hehe nahiya kasi ang mga polar bears. Haha pahamak din ang asset na yan alam mo ba..

  3. Ow em gee din, the questions are so difficult, ano isasagot ko?! Kinabahan ako bigla, my gulay, hahaha! Bahala na, try ko sagutin 'to dun sa isang blog ko pero wait lang po muna ha, mag-iipon pa muna 'ko ng lakas ng loob...hahhahah! Thanks for tagging me anyway. :)

    1. Haha my pleasure! Ganyan talaga lakasan ng loob ewan ko ba anong meron dito sa 11 q-tag na to at daig parang virus kung dapuan ka hehe

  4. nababasa ko lang to sa ibang blog, ngayon na-tag naman ako, patay na... takot pa naman ako sa question and answer portion haha... salamat sa tag...kailangan ko mag fasting para masagot lahat questions mo haha

    1. Hahaha ingat ka baka magwelga mga alaga mo for hunger strike. Walang anuman, take your time answering para kwela mga sagot mo

  5. Ang "gleng-gleng" mo naman Gracie :) nai-release mo agad eto ha ha ha. Ang aking mga notas:
    Madaya yung No. 6 sa random about u - pano kita sisindakin nyan lol
    Napahalakhak naman ako dun sa butt. hmn gusto ko syang makita sa personal :P
    Nakaka-relate ako dun sa ramdom about you nos. 2, 8, 10 & 11.
    At sinong maysabi sayong madali ang mga questions mo ha? LOL

    Congrats & goodluck sa mga na-tag mo. si pinaywanderer hinanting nako ha ha ha

    1. Diba dapat ang galeng-galeng ko? Ba't kinukulang ng spelling, masakit siguro kamay mo teh noh? Hahahahaha! Patay tayo dyan, walang ganyunan, 5 years ago pa yun nalimutan ko lang i-mention hahaha ngayon taba nalang makikita mo. Sige thepinaywanderer itag mo si balut haha pwede ba yun?

    2. Gracie ini-stalk ko lahat ng ni-tag mo ha ha ha
      Nakaka-aliw basahin yung posts nila :) wag lang yung sa Question # 4 :( lol

      Ang gleng-gleng din nila :)

      (yung 5 yrs ago, di ba mas mataba = mas appealing? lol)

    3. i bet alam mo na bakit "gracie goes gaga" ang blog name ko :D narealize ko din ang weird ng ilan sa mga tanong ko (at the way akong magkocomment hehehe), inomit ko lang yung iba baka wala ng magbasa nakapikit nalang lahat hahaha.

  6. Oh my! hate ko talaga ang questions and answer.hhehe..But anyway thanks for tagging me, feeling ko brainless na ako.I need to breathe first and surely answer you soon.

    1. Sure, as I said take your time hehe no pressure. Sensya na napag utusan lang eh lols

  7. Hi, Grace! tapos na po yong homework ko.lol!


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