Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You

I was saddened to hear the loss of my idol, Whitney Houston. She was found dead by her bodyguard at the Beverly Hilton hotel last saturday afternoon. According to the authorities she was drowned in this hotel's bathtub. Confirmed.
Okay I have heard and seen the news and that's it, I think that would be enough. As to pay respect I will not include anything negative about her here. I want to remember her as a good person she was, with a stunning image and perfect voice. Rest in peace idol. 
credit to dailymail.co.uk
I don't sing well myself but I admit I've been trying countless of ways just to sing her songs. By the way who knows the song, "I will always love you?". Tell me how many times you've tried mastering this one? Haha. Care to guess what's my favorite line of this song? 


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