March 17

March 17 - That's my mama's date of birth. 
Hmm I wonder what to do, lemme think.. 
I wanted to treat her, give a sweet surprise 
or maybe just send her a gift, so yeah lemme think twice. 

I miss mom so much already. 
I'm thinking of her and papa everyday.
I worry about their health,
reminding always to take their medicines and
avoid getting stressed.

Mom is wonderful, though not the perfect mom 
yet for me, in the whole world, she's the best mom.
She's cool and she's funny sometimes.
Yeah, she's pretty and kind.

Oh how I wish to be like her..
How I wish to be with her..
Wish I could hug and kiss her..
She's my mom anyway..
I love her so dearly..

Still I wonder what to do on March 17?


  1. Awww..ang sweet mo naman sa mom mo. How I wish all the daughters in the world will thought of their mother's birthday with such thoughtfulness and sweetness as yours. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you nortehanon for commenting and visiting my blog, really appreciate! Yup, my parents are getting so much old na kasi and last time I was with them was x'mas, only after 5 years pa. That's why we must show our care and let them feel how much we love and value them while we still can see and can be with them.. it's never too late if we do this..

  2. that's so nice of you, thought about your mother.Maybe you can give her something that she never expect,like small party that's not really fancy,invite some people who you think she's happy to be with.
    Anyway thanks for visiting my blog. I have another adventure,maybe you're interested to check here .

    1. Thanks mhie, glad you're here again. Cool idea but I dunno if I can afford this time hehe. Sure I'll visit you again soon pagnakaonline sa desktop. Ciao!

  3. Aww you're so sweet towards your mom ^^ I'm sure she would love anything you did for her birthday though - it's the thought that counts :)

    Thanks so much for following my blog btw! I hope you'll visit again soon!

    1. Thanks a lot Rinny for your time alotted in visiting and commenting on my new and boring blog hehe! Yes I will. I admit that I'm not a fashionista but I find your site interesting and helpful.
      With regards to my mom, I love her so dearly but it was only first time I said that I love her last x'mas, my bad..

    2. Aww don't say that - your blog isn't boring at all :) And thank you so much, I'm glad to hear that you find my posts helpful ^^

      And don't worry about it - even if you don't say it out loud, I'm sure your mom knows you love her :)

    3. Your cool Rinny, I shall add you to my blogroll soon. My pleasure having you here.

  4. Uwi na Gracie, siguradong magiging sobrang saya momsie mo kapag kasama ka nya sa bday nya...hehe!

    1. Ipon muna ako pamasahe at panggala hehehe. Naku si mama ko ayaw sa mga trip ko pagmagkasama kami eh. Nasa hotel lang sya nakahilata while may nginangata then nood film, while ako gusto ko lumabas at gumala then magpaspa :D


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