How Do I Choose My Accommodation?

When it comes to choosing an accommodation, I always rely on the customers' reviews and ratings first then its location and affordability next.

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*Reviews and ratings - It can be stated here if the customers have had bad or good experiences during their stay at the hotel. If the food and the service was superb or not. Was it safe there? Can be noisy because of..? Well the topmost priority I look for is its cleanliness and hopefully bug-free. 
Recently I got diagnosed of bug and dust allergies. Trust me, it ain't no fun. 

*Location and affordability - whether the hotel is a 2-star or a 5-star kind, it does not matter as long as it has ease and availability of transportation and safe of course. Must consider always that it is near where the most important amenities are. If I could avail discounts, free breakfast promos, or 1-day free accommodation such like that stuff, thumbs up!


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