Gizmo: External Hard Drive

3.5 Western Digital Elements Desktop 2.0 2TB

I bought myself an external harddrive last December 2010 as a gift for myself. I bought this on sale around 130 USD. I love its performance, its quality and its functionalities. So simple to use because it's just plug-and play. Very easy to setup and so reliable storage of HUGE files I have. 

Now I don't have to worry whenever my computer crashes. One more thing I love is that, it is designed for power-saving, it has no button but it turns on and off itself when plug/unplug. When not in use, it goes into sleep mode, it doesn't get warm, proven and tested! Perfect for Windows-based users and can easily be reformatted for Mac-users. 


  1. Hi There, We use external drives for our back ups also.. Since we take so many pictures, we have several external drives. When we went on our 3 week trip last Summer, we tucked the external drives in the back of our car with us... That way ---if our house burned down, we'd still have our computer info with us... We TRY to be careful.

    If you want more followers and people coming to your blog, just start visiting other blogs ---and keep going back to them...Commenting on others' blogs is the most important thing...


    1. That's right, I always advise my clients/friends/family to BACKUP their data always. We'll never know what will happen, better be careful and smart. Thanks a lot for the concern Betsy, I'm trying the best I can but mostly I'm thinking I'd like it better making friends than getting more traffic. I'm friendly but I'm shy in person so I'm started to enjoy like this. Hugs.

  2. thanks for the nice sharing and for visiting one of my blogs..i'm eyeing the same brand coz my three externals 400 G 1 and 1.5 terabyte are almost full now..still waiting pa if it will be on sale..hehe..

    nice to see you here in the blogosphere..
    feel free to visit my other blogs..thanks..amping kanunay!

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  3. you're welcome :) visiting your sites..


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