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MNL Manila5J 652  CEBU Pacific Air6:05 AMScheduled 320
MNL ManilaZ2 321  Zest Airways6:15 AMScheduled 320
MNL Manila2P 972  Air Philippines6:35 AMScheduled 320
MNL ManilaPR 192
Philippine Airlines7:25 AM7:25 AM ~Scheduled
MNL Manila2P 978  Air Philippines10:25 AMScheduled 320
MNL ManilaPR 392
Philippine Airlines11:10 AM11:10 AM ~Scheduled
MNL Manila5J 650  CEBU Pacific Air11:55 AMScheduled 320
MNL Manila5J 656  CEBU Pacific Air1:40 PMScheduled 320
MNL ManilaZ2 323  Zest Airways1:40 PMScheduled 320
CEB Cebu5J 429  CEBU Pacific Air3:30 PMScheduled 319
CEB Cebu2P 235  Air Philippines5:10 PMScheduled DH4
CEB CebuPR 235^  Philippine Airlines5:10 PMScheduled DH4
MNL ManilaPR 394
Philippine Airlines5:50 PM5:50 PM ~Scheduled
MNL ManilaZ2 325  Zest Airways6:05 PMScheduled 320
MNL Manila5J 658  CEBU Pacific Air6:35 PMScheduled 320
MNL Manila2P 986  Air Philippines6:50 PMScheduled 320

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