4 Extreme Boracay Adventures

Me and 3 of my friends went to Boracay last year via Cebupacific's 1 peso promo. 1st day was all about camwhoring and strolling around Boracay Island. On our second day early morning, I asked one by one if they knew any extreme activities in Boracay that they wanted to indulge in. Parasailing, Zorb rolling, ATV/Buggy car riding and Helmet sea-diving came up as top answers. 

credit to google.com
1. Parasail - towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that's like in a parachute. tough!

credit to wix.com
2. Zorb -  imagine yourself inside a inflatable, large transparent ball and rolling downhill, weeeee! 

credit to google.com
3. Atv/Buggy Car - rent and ride an all-terrain-vehicle, vrroooommmm! 

Boracay 12152011
4. Helmet Dive - diving 10ft. below the sea-level wearing the metal helmet with a pipe and stuff for air and breathing underwater. it's heavy so you easily sink down underwater and enjoy watching a few crowds of colorful fishes. He's covered with fish ha ha sorry my friend Luey :( di ka kasi nagbra eh yan tuloy the fish covered your face ha ha! fish tayo.


  1. hi gracie!

    my favorite is the helmet dive. nahilo ako sa parasail nung natry ko eh. haha

    re buffet - no need. pwede talagang magpicture sa marriot. sa sofitel at shangrila hindi pwede =(

  2. Isa kang dakilang adventurista Ms Chyng, feyborit talaga ang helmet diving! Me? Ninerbyos ako ng todomax nun. Gabutil yung pawis ko while underwater di kasi me marunong magswim. Say whut?!


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