Holiday Itinerary 2011

I love my 6-week holiday in Philippines! Grabe, the grandest vacation I can say. Thank God for the wonderful and prosperous year of the rabbit, so blessed talaga! As the saying goes, "Nasa Diyos ang awa nasa tao ang gawa." Hardwork really pays off, just make sure to put God at the center in everything you do coz He will eventually do the rest, if you do your best.

November 2011
           19-20 - Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Philippines
           20-22 - Cebu
           22-31, December 1 - Paranas
December 2011
           02-03 - Catbalogan
           03-10 - Paranas
           10-11 - Cebu
           11-13 - Bohol
           13-15 - Cebu
           15-17 - Aklan, Boracay
           17-18 - Kalibo, Roxas, Capiz, Iloilo
           18-20 - Cebu
           20-22 - Ormoc, Baybay
           22-25 - Paranas
           26-27 - Tacloban
           27-28 - Cebu
           28-29 - Philippines, Singapore, Holland, Norway

I am really thankful for the support of my family, relatives and friends for the big day. Without you guys the big day - The Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous medal, won't be complete! Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart! Love y'all.

And to my one and only Per who has supported me all the way, I love you hon.. I just feel sorry for you that you weren't able to go with me to celebrate with us the big day. I wish and pray that next time you should go with me - experience the warm weather, the white beaches, the palms, the exotic foods, the vacation you deserve and definitely meeting our family there. Let's hope for the next year!


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