Loved and Missed: Canon EOS 550D

with 18-55 mm kit lens
I bought myself a Canon EOS 550D as a post birthday gift last year. I fell so inlove with this stuff. When not at my job, you'd find me at home doing research and experiments by entering the world of photography. I already learned a lot after few weeks, then I get addicted and buying more and more camera accessories. I think I had found my passion. Per and I would visit beautiful places just to take good shots with my new camera. My husband is very supportive with what I love to do. He said he's happy when he see me happy.
Last year when I travelled back to Philippines I brought this stuff with me. I thought of attending a 5-day basic photography workshop in Cebu, conducted by a friend I met online. But unfortunately I didn't get any chance while I was there, it was a lot of things to do back home, in short, I missed the said workshop.
and accessories included
Right before I flew back here in Norway, my brother asked me if he could borrow my EOS. I lend him and right after that he told me what if I'd just leave my camera to him. He said I could just buy another one soon. My mother just smiled. And I was speechless. I blushed. I felt like I was almost crying.. I remember how I cried over this when my husband said no once I asked him about buying this stuff. I had no choice but to wait for the right time. It was right after christmas and I waited until few more months after my birthday to get this. I seldom indulge myself to want material things. Only last year, I bought a new cellphone, a netbook and the DSLR camera because I thought I need it when I travel. But God is my witness how hard I work and sacrificed to get it all.. Things are never easy for me eversince. 
extra batteries, filters, macro reverse rings, lens cleaners, cam grip and sling bag were
bought a few months later.
Now my EOS is gone. It is no longer mine. I left it it to my brother. I couldn't say no and see straight to his eyes. I saw how he enjoyed the moment he held the camera, how proud he was carrying a 50k DSLR camera and people looking at it and how amazed he was using such a fine camera such this one. I went back home with my luggage and only a sling bag with me. I was glad I didn't have to carry things a lot that time but I missed my Canon EOS 550D so much with me. It was boring waiting for hours at the airport. No netbook with me either, left it to my sis. I sat at the lounge area.. there were a lot of good things to capture, to enjoy the scene, to take photos of.. but my EOS was gone, just like a snap of a finger :( 


  1. Oh, don't be sad, you'll get a new and better one soon. You're a good sister, you'll receive more blessings from God. BTW, I'm using Canon also, Canon Kiss X4, same model as that of D550, but it's not mine, it's my bestfriend's, but he gladly lend me the cam whenever I travel, and I'm thankful. :)

  2. :) Thanks, hope he will realize haha just kidding. Well you're lucky pinapahiram ka ng bestfriend mo. Ako kasi ang hinihiraman :P

    1. Hahah...I'm waiting for him to finally give it to me, just like what you did sa cam mo, nde nya kase ginagamit cam na 'yon eh. :)

    2. hay, mahal ko kasi mga kapatid ko kahit na nagka-pasa2x at halos makalbo ako nung bata. pasaway kasi sila, they don't realize lang talaga na they really have a good sister haha! choz.

  3. Replies
    1. bunso nila ako. well, tamang timpla lang naman :) siguro kasi sa tingin ko dapat ganun tayong lahat, nagbibigayan tsaka fair dapat. walang lamangan, walang gulangan, dapat may respeto at nagmamahalan.

  4. love your camera. I wish someday soon to have this kind of cam... maganda yong blog mo,,,pwede follow ako dito......kaw den pag may change ka add me den ako.. i speak visaya from camiguin island.... ingat kau..

    1. salamat. kabalo pud kog bisaya but i'm a native waraynon. Camiguin island, sana mapuntahan ko yan dream yan.. following you na.


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