Honey Wants A New Cellphone

Warning: On Beki Mode.

NakakalurQui these past few weeks! Pano ba naman nag-ask yung jowa ko last week if we can buy a new router daw kasi 5 years old na kaya need to change na. Then sumunod he complained about his old pillow and wanted a new one. He checked the magazine kanina and pointed out to me a queen bed that is recently on sale, we could have bought it daw sayang naman daw the sale. Nawendang akech! And tonight, he asked my telephone bill, and after half an hour, "Sweetie, I'm done paying up your telephone bill at the same time our electric bill. Talaga lang ha? Esep-esep ko, nanalo yata siya ng lotto bwahaha. Anyway, maya-maya lang nag-asked ulit tingnan ko daw if babagay sa kanya ang touchphone, Samsung Galaxy pa benggah! Alamin ano ang sagot ko, abangan. Charot lang!


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