3 Major Benefits of Reading

Per, my husband has a huge collection of books. He has been encouraging me to start reading again. Like he always say, reading is an active mental process. Instead of wasting my time sitting infront of a computer for hours, why not spend it reading a book. At least an hour or two. I will be even thankful to him for that in the future.

Tonight we watched a tv series called Millennium and I was hooked up by the story. The first two parts were shown and were finished an hour ago yet I could even still feel in my nerves how I reacted over some certain situations or scenes. Per told me he has a book and he already watched the tv series itself. He showed me the book and got amazed! I borrowed and I'm excited to read it.

Why start reading? Here's 3 Major Benefits I Believe I could Achieve:

1. I easily forget small things but I remember significant things and situations. Like Per said, I do have an elephant brain, hæ?! I believe reading will improve my memory. It will make my brain cells get active and will help me remembering details, facts, figures and characters. Therefore if my brain is not active and not using my memory, the big chance I easily forgets.
2. I want to expand my vocabulary specially now that I'm still learning the norwegian language further. It's one way to get myself exposed to new words, perspectives and ideas.
3. It will improve my self-esteem. The more I read, the more knowledgeable I become. With good knowledge, I'll get more confidence. The more confident I am towards everything, I will improve my self-esteem better.
I can't wait to start my - Millennium hobby. Til then, gotta go.


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