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15-minute Exams

Had a 3-hour medicine course/lecture last Monday then I was scheduled to take the written exam today.

I came in to the room where I should take the medicine written exams, not late, not early just on time!

Cool! Not.. all seats have been occupied!

The lector then gave me a vacant seat in front of all others, I rejected with a smile. Sorry, it's not my comfortable zone. But then finally I found one, near the wall on the side - cool and that's fine.

Test papers were distributed immediately and.. Bam! Just got finished answering all the questions in 15 minutes!

What do you expect in a 3-hour medicine course/lecture? Honestly, I didn't even read, I just listened carefully during the lecture and the questions were so logic. *04.07.2011 Update PASSED!*

Thumbs Up!

Today was such an awesome Monday. I can't imagine myself being the leader of the team and got great compliments from colleagues and residents for the job well done. Yesss!

At The Seminar Workshop

A seminar workshop was held today for us new employees here in our community. There were mostly foreign teenagers and college students who attended. Good thing I wasn't alone because my Chinese friend was also there. To my surprise, she is on-job training now at the same area which I am working at! How cool is that? Anyway, we spent chatting and giggling at our own jokes during break times. Gosh, for a year or two that we didn't see and talk to each other, we really had so much to talk about that one-day were not enough. We missed a lot each other's company obviously. Even our husbands did a little nice chat too when they met again. Anyway,  the seminar went well and we went home at 3:30 PM, tired and happy.


Flight ticket booked.

Congratulations! You got your e-ticket. Thank you for ordering! 
Whoa, that was a bit scary. Scared that my PC might go gaga and then like suddenly after you have paid all enough of your money to book the most expensive ticket and failed... uff, enough about it sorry I'm just getting paranoid of too much excitement, actually mixed emotions really deep inside.

But this is it! Finally, me and my sis decided to book a flight ticket yesterday evening, even though it's still 5 months to go before departure. It's a smart idea I think since flight ticket prices just go higher and higher every minute. How do I feel? Just excited. Imagine, I was 4 years long away from my family, closest friends and relatives. But I will survive, just a few more months and I'm back to my homeland - Philippines!

Lady In White

The strange Woman In My Bedroom.
Thursday night. I was left alone to babysit a little boy because his mother went out to run some errand. I was in high school then and was sharing an apartment with the family. The apartment I guess was at least some years older than my grandparents. The interior was fine and cozy, yet when you look at it outside you can figure it out how old it is. I had my own little room at the second floor.
Anyway, it took a little while for the little boy's mother to come home, therefore we decided to play hide-and-seek for a moment.
I counted 1 to 10, closed my eyes while facing the wall, waited for him til he find a safe place to hide.
Silence. No footsteps sounds or anything. I opened my eyes and began looking for him. First I looked around at the kitchen but the kid wasn't there. I went back to the livingroom but to no luck, didn't find him there either.
Hmm I started to wonder where he could be hiding.. I was so sure he didn't went outside the apar…


My first entry. 

I was once a blogger and updating a profile within a social networking site before. I started around 2004 and blogging was all new to me. I only knew that I could express myself through writing and published it without even thinking that almost all people could find and read about it through internet. Since I love writing, "blogging" became my niche. The blog site I made became my e-diary. And being a person who was a non-convivial, staying home and have my laptop in front of me was barely enough. Many months had passed I suddenly stopped blogging for some inevitable circumstances. I missed a lot of good and not-so-good moments to share with. I suddenly lost interest of blogging and when the time came that I wanted to start all over again, I felt like I was lost. I didn't know how and where to start. It was a hard-time for me. Losing interest to something you usually do is hard to retain back. If you want to do it again, you have to exert 101% effort. I ju…