Travelogue: Summer Getaway 2008

Another lovely summer getaway together with my sister's family. For a change, we did a camping tour. First stop was in Lillehamer, Norway.
Remember the Winter Olympics in 1994? This is the Olympia Park where the Winter Olympics was held.  
our tent beside the railway :-P 
i was dead tired!
strolling the ff day. behind me is the palace inside the family park
     i was strolling around when i met this huge troll :D
ship ride, find me!
                                              Second stop was in Kristiansund.
I smell something's fishy..
gotcha :D too small so it was thrown back to the water
                                                 Third stop was in Åndalsness.
our tent beside the beautiful scenery of nature
                                                    Fourth stop was in Molde.
one of the oldest church in Molde
After two weeks getaway we head back to Oslo straight for 10-hour drive. So exhausting but  it was worth the adventure experience. I remember I lost 5 kilos in weight minus the rice :)


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