Two Major Killing Incidents In Norway

Today two major incidents happened in Norway in between 3:20 to 7:20 PM that shocked and frightened all of us here. Norway is a safe country to live in as many of us for sure will agree. Almost has the perfect picture as what I also believe, less or no crimes at all, and at least even without any sort of corruption existing in this one of the richest country in the world. But today, the picture has been broken down into pieces.

Seven were confirmed dead after the bomb explosion at the Oslo center, mainly where the Prime Minister's building was situated while nine were badly injured and were brought to Ullevål hospital. It was reported that the bomb was planted inside the car near the building because a suitcase was found in it after the incident.

Meanwhile, another incident had happened ca 7:20 in Utøya which killed 10 persons. But earlier after the crimes happened, no one could tell what was the cause or who did behind these two different kinds of killing incidents? The biggest terrorist group in the world was put into blame behind these but to no avail there were no great evidence to justify with.

At 12 o'clock midnight, a 15-year old girl came up justifying that she saw the man, wearing a police uniform, particularly at the killing incident in Utøya island. She hid behind a big stone and saw the man kept shooting and shooting towards the 10 young victims at the summer camp in Utøya.

At the moment, the 32-year old suspect were captured and is being investigated by the police. No name given yet but they got leading evidences about the crimes and that is through his twitter posts 4 days ago before the incidents happened in Oslo and Utøya. It means, they only have one suspect behind these two killing incidents in Norway, and mind you he is not a Muslim that belongs to the biggest terrorist group in the world, but a Norwegian.

*Update: As of July 23, 2011 A man named Anders Behring Breivik is the one behind these twin-terror attacks in Norway yesterday. If he is alone or with somebody, that's what the authorities are trying to find out from the witnesses and survivors in gunshot-killing in Utøya island. From 10 persons reported dead yesterday to 84 persons killed by the said man.


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