Sleep Paralysis

You're conscious, but suffers the inability to move or make a noise. Some other's call it "a nightmare or a ghost visitation".

Have you experienced sleep paralysis? Yes, I have been experiencing this phenomena latest a week before July and it also happened to me last night. 
I am new to my current job, can have a less-stress job sometimes but could turn into a hell-like experience once in a while. I already have an insomnia before but due to the irregular work schedules, my inability to sleep has became worst. That's why I experience being so stressed out. 

How was the experience like? I was about to sleep. My body was so exhausted from heavy loads of work and lack of sleep the other night. I'm still awake, my brain is conscious of what's happening or what's going to happen. Suddenly, I'm seeing a white silhouette-like in front of me and tries to drain all my energy towards it. I almost lost my breathing and was unable to scream and move. So scary. Really a nightmare. Like I don't wanna go back to sleep anymore.

To understand better what sleep paralysis means, I have brought up a link from a reliable source on the web.

Note to myself and interested readers: This is not harmful, as almost everyone in this world once in a while experiences this kind of phenomena. Narcolepsy is a different thing, I have not experience like that, just a simple sleep paralysis that occurs once in a blue moon. 


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