The Man Behind The Twin-Terror Attacks In Norway 07/11

As of July 23, 2011 the man behind these twin-terror attacks in Norway yesterday was named Anders Beihring Breivik, a 32-year old norwegian citizen. 

If he was alone, with somebody or was in a group, that's what the authorities are trying to find out from the witnesses and survivors both Oslo bombing and Utøya gunshot-killing. From 10 persons reported dead yesterday to 84 persons killed by the said man. Horrible!

According to a witness, a 6-ton of fertilizers were bought by this man last May 2011, two months before the incident. According to the experts these fertilizers are one of the "main ingredients in making a bomb". O M G!

He is sentenced to 21 years of imprisonment for breaking the law under Penal Code section 147a of terror acts. 

He might be paying his young life for 21 years in jail but the 91 both young and old people who have lost their lives cannot be repaid. 


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