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The Man Behind The Twin-Terror Attacks In Norway 07/11

As of July 23, 2011 the man behind these twin-terror attacks in Norway yesterday was named Anders Beihring Breivik, a 32-year old norwegian citizen. 
If he was alone, with somebody or was in a group, that's what the authorities are trying to find out from the witnesses and survivors both Oslo bombing and Utøya gunshot-killing. From 10 persons reported dead yesterday to 84 persons killed by the said man. Horrible!
According to a witness, a 6-ton of fertilizers were bought by this man last May 2011, two months before the incident. According to the experts these fertilizers are one of the "main ingredients in making a bomb". O M G!
He is sentenced to 21 years of imprisonment for breaking the law under Penal Code section 147a of terror acts. 
He might be paying his young life for 21 years in jail but the 91 both young and old people who have lost their lives cannot be repaid.

Two Major Killing Incidents In Norway

Today two major incidents happened in Norway in between 3:20 to 7:20 PM that shocked and frightened all of us here. Norway is a safe country to live in as many of us for sure will agree. Almost has the perfect picture as what I also believe, less or no crimes at all, and at least even without any sort of corruption existing in this one of the richest country in the world. But today, the picture has been broken down into pieces.

Seven were confirmed dead after the bomb explosion at the Oslo center, mainly where the Prime Minister's building was situated while nine were badly injured and were brought to Ullevål hospital. It was reported that the bomb was planted inside the car near the building because a suitcase was found in it after the incident.

Meanwhile, another incident had happened ca 7:20 in Utøya which killed 10 persons. But earlier after the crimes happened, no one could tell what was the cause or who did behind these two different kinds of killing incidents? The biggest t…

I Want The Old Friendster Back!

As much as I wanted to make a separate entry for every places I have traveled, retrieving photos and stuff constraint me for me doing so. Actually nakakawalang gana, lalo pa't karamihan sa albums ko were saved in friendster :( Recently I have found out through facebook that friendster has already been reformatted and changed into a more gaming site and looks more like a twitter. So disappointing! As in wala na, dina talaga pwedeng maibalik yung mga albums ko, unless ibalik sa dati yung friendster na nakilala ko, hmmpp..
Hate ko na ang friendster dahil dito, I want the old friendster back!

Travelogue: Exploring Norway First Time 2007

Okay, supposedly I wanted to share sana my first flight experience from Philippines to Norway but since I couldn't retrieve my photos so eto nalang...
"My first vacation, out of town trip in Norway, May 2007". 
This 2-week vacation tour happened a week after I arrived Norway, may jetlag pa yan :) Knowing it was summer in Norway that time, sobrang lamig pa rin for me, as in nangatal buong kalamnan ko sa lamig. Nakawinter outfit ako samantalang, relatives ko halos mag-two piece sa sobrang init "kuno". After few more hours of driving way far to Stavanger, we'd reached a place kung saan puno ng snow ang paligid. I was amazed since we left Skoppum, Vestfold coz it was warm around 15 degrees. Pero nagulat ako dito sa lugar na ito dahil may snow, at sa tingin ko bihirang makatikim ng araw o init dito opinyon ko lang. It was quiet an adventure staying here, imagine we stayed in an ancestral home which was built-in ca. 1800 or something. Everything was old but still…

Travelogue: Sweet Summer in Baguio

me and my cousins with the famous dog in Mines View Park
This was taken in Baguio City particularly at the Mines View Park together with my three pretty cousins. If anybody wants to know if they're still single, yes and available? Hehe just kidding po. Oh that huge dog is a St. Bernard breed. He actually has a name and he had a friendster account, so famous huh! I wonder if he also has a facebook and twitter account this time. How about youtube and google+? Darn. 
Anyway, I was able to reach Baguio twice: once in year 2006 and again in 2007. One of the highlights in our Baguio trip was the strawberry picking in La Trinidad Valley, Benguet. Sweet!
Siyempre di pwedeng lagpasan lang ang Pangasinan, kung saan nandun ang Manaoag Church, makaattend ng mass at masilip ang birhen ng Manaoag. 

Awesome Day

Another tiresome yet awesome day at the job today! I was at my favorite place, with my favorite patients and with my helpful colleagues so things were so easy and smooth sailing. I know that nothing is permanent but I hope this will happen often. These simple things make me feel glad. Thank you oh, Lord! Hope You will guide me always in everything I do.

Sleep Paralysis

You're conscious, but suffers the inability to move or make a noise. Some other's call it "a nightmare or a ghost visitation".

Have you experienced sleep paralysis? Yes, I have been experiencing this phenomena latest a week before July and it also happened to me last night. 
I am new to my current job, can have a less-stress job sometimes but could turn into a hell-like experience once in a while. I already have an insomnia before but due to the irregular work schedules, my inability to sleep has became worst. That's why I experience being so stressed out. 

How was the experience like? I was about to sleep. My body was so exhausted from heavy loads of work and lack of sleep the other night. I'm still awake, my brain is conscious of what's happening or what's going to happen. Suddenly, I'm seeing a white silhouette-like in front of me and tries to drain all my energy towards it. I almost lost my breathing and was unable to scream and move. So scary. R…