Lady In White

The strange Woman In My Bedroom.

Thursday night. I was left alone to babysit a little boy because his mother went out to run some errand. I was in high school then and was sharing an apartment with the family. The apartment I guess was at least some years older than my grandparents. The interior was fine and cozy, yet when you look at it outside you can figure it out how old it is. I had my own little room at the second floor.

Anyway, it took a little while for the little boy's mother to come home, therefore we decided to play hide-and-seek for a moment.

I counted 1 to 10, closed my eyes while facing the wall, waited for him til he find a safe place to hide.

Silence. No footsteps sounds or anything. I opened my eyes and began looking for him. First I looked around at the kitchen but the kid wasn't there. I went back to the livingroom but to no luck, didn't find him there either.

Hmm I started to wonder where he could be hiding.. I was so sure he didn't went outside the apartment or else I will hear the door opens and closes. Suddenly, I heard a low-toned voice, I didn't hear exactly what he was saying but I got so excited to follow where the voice was. I heard footsteps upstairs, aha! He might be in their room.

Silence again. No voice and footsteps were heard this time. I went upstairs and stood outside the family's room thinking he might be there. The room was locked! Okay, no choice but to find him inside my room then.

I slowly walked there.. the door was half-open.. lights off. I decided to stop before coming in.. I heard the little voice again,  followed by a short laugh and I recognized it! Yes, the kid was there!

I got in and surprised him! But oh no! Before I could grab him, he already ran through the corridor and start going downstairs!

I was left in my room, shaking my head, "tsk tsk, that kid..." showing a little smile on my face.

Suddenly! I realized I wasn't alone.. I turned to my back and saw a white silhouette in the corner of my room! I was shocked for a moment. Speechless. Quiet.

After a while, it seems like I was back into my consciousness I was so curious so I slowly went near to it to check and to my surprise.. oh my Godddd! I saw that she was wearing a very old kind of long white dress, with long sleeves! It was very odd and strange feeling I got. I recognized the woman's hair was long up to her stomach covering her face so I didn't see her eyes besides it was half dark inside, only the lights coming from the window was in there.

I didn't know how exactly I was able to get out of my room after what I saw but I know I was really, really afraid. I could almost get a heart-attacked, whew! What a strange experience..


  1. stalker ako di ba? naghahanap ako ng mga istoryang kababalaghan kasi naman puro ganun ang trending sa mga idol mong blogger lol.

    asan ka na ba kasi? at anong nangyari dito sa "lady n white" na eto? nakilala mo ba sya? lol


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