My first entry. 

I was once a blogger and updating a profile within a social networking site before. I started around 2004 and blogging was all new to me. I only knew that I could express myself through writing and published it without even thinking that almost all people could find and read about it through internet. Since I love writing, "blogging" became my niche. The blog site I made became my e-diary. And being a person who was a non-convivial, staying home and have my laptop in front of me was barely enough.
Many months had passed I suddenly stopped blogging for some inevitable circumstances. I missed a lot of good and not-so-good moments to share with. I suddenly lost interest of blogging and when the time came that I wanted to start all over again, I felt like I was lost. I didn't know how and where to start. It was a hard-time for me. Losing interest to something you usually do is hard to retain back. If you want to do it again, you have to exert 101% effort. I just did. I believe somehow you lost the mastery of doing it when you are not practicing for a long period of time.
A few months ago, I joined a not-so-popular blog site. The site was quite convincing with a "get paid to blog" scheme. So I tried it, I've written a few articles and uploaded them. The last article I wrote drives more traffic than the others, so I got 1 dollar. Should I be happy? Sure, it's okay. It's still driving more traffic up to now (I hope). Then one of my articles has been visited by a nice commentator, he called me a noob. Should I be more happy? Sure, it's still okay. Although I didn't know how will I answer to the comment but sometimes it's better to just ignore it.
Take note, when you start blogging, bear in mind that you are publishing your articles for the world to see thru internet. We must be ready and have the courage enough to bear comments and criticisms. And we must come to realize that every comment has a purpose. Not all comments are bad criticisms. And by the way when somebody is trying to say you're a noob, jus think that they mean, "Hey, exert more effort and improve what you are doing because you have the talent and you're good at it".
By the way, this is my first blog here in and yes I made it. I am now officially a blogger! Cheers!


  1. Advance happy 1st blogoversary Gracie! O ha, it pays to be a stalker, hahaha!!


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