15-minute Exams

Had a 3-hour medicine course/lecture last Monday then I was scheduled to take the written exam today.

I came in to the room where I should take the medicine written exams, not late, not early just on time!

Cool! Not.. all seats have been occupied!

credit to google.com
The lector then gave me a vacant seat in front of all others, I rejected with a smile. Sorry, it's not my comfortable zone. But then finally I found one, near the wall on the side - cool and that's fine.

Test papers were distributed immediately and.. Bam! Just got finished answering all the questions in 15 minutes!

What do you expect in a 3-hour medicine course/lecture? Honestly, I didn't even read, I just listened carefully during the lecture and the questions were so logic. *04.07.2011 Update PASSED!*


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